Lean Manufacturing

Support your continuous improvement projects using tools and methodologies that reduce waste and non-value added activities.

Lean Enterprise & Manufacturing Tools

Simplify Your Operations and Measure Success

Use the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to drive your lean goals, standardize your work, and promote quality improvements across your organization. Discover how you can eliminate waste and streamline your enterprise through the power of built-in control plans, key metrics with real-time data, and more.

At a Glance

Build a strong platform for lean manufacturing activities with standardized work instructions.

Promote quality improvements with built-in control plans, FMEAs, SPC and supplier quality.

Progress toward your lean enterprise goals with strategic planning tools.

Proactively drive continuous improvement across your entire organization with a built-in Employee Suggestion system.

Support your customers’ Just-in-Time or Pull replenishment with Kanban and heijunka.

Measure your success by continuously monitoring key metrics.


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Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement are a Journey

Lean manufacturing tools have been around for more than 25 years and continues to deliver value to manufacturers. In fact, lean is essentially a focus on value-add across the product lifecycle and results in rigorous efforts to eliminate waste in manufacturing. Today, many companies have formal Continuous Improvement organizations that leverage lean – and other methodologies – to run their companies more smoothly and make them more competitive.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was developed with lean thinking from its original inception and as such has many built-in capabilities to support your lean initiatives. The “Plex House of Lean,” inspired by the Toyota Production System, outlines these capabilities.

Plex House of Lean

Like any structure, a house must be built upon a solid foundation. Lean manufacturing is built on Stability and Standardized Work. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud rests on a core set of components that support these goals.


A common Document Control System and Workflow engine ensure timely and approved documentation is accessible from anywhere inside of Plex. This also ensures that critical documentation like Standardized Work Instructions, inspection check sheets and quality control plans are accessible to every operator at every work center. Workflow enforces and documents compliance with defined requirements.

Continuous Improvement is a foundational element of lean thinking and Plex facilitates end-to-end Problem Control and Corrective Actions (CAPA) to help you identify and correct issues. And in the spirit of kaizen – “change for better” – Plex has a built-in Employee Suggestions system that organizes and administers kaizen activities for significant gains.

Just as Quality is visually a “pillar” of the House of Lean, so it is with Plex. With built-in Control Plans and Failure Mode Effect Analyses (FMEAs), it’s very easy to architect and administer a solid quality program. Source Validation in the inventory function protects from improper raw material usage. Further, Statistical Process Control and Supplier Quality deliver additional support for continuous improvement.

One of the more popular aspects of lean manufacturing tools is Just in Time (JIT) scheduling that works on a demand Pull approach. Plex includes a digital Kanban rack with the familiar color-coded visual feedback system that alerts operators and managers when quantities are running low. Additionally, Plex supports Heijunka load-leveling to smooth the flow of production and eliminate over and under production waste.

To successfully achieve the Goals of a lean initiative, you need a Strategic Plan. Plex includes built-in planning tools to develop, document and share a detailed plan that is available for the entire company. A key tenet of lean thinking is employee empowerment and Plex makes it easy to link initiative to objectives and share with everyone just how individual objectives relate to goals in the overall plan.

It has been said that “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” As a database driven system, Plex is continually collecting performance data on any part of the plant managed by Plex. With sophisticated reports and dashboards and a manufacturing intelligence system (Plex Insight), you can create custom reports and live dashboards to measure and compare key performance indicators against goals to clearly measure on-going improvements.

“Our lean approach has allowed us to maintain capacity while simplifying our operations across the value chain. What that means for customers is that they are assured a premium quality product, delivered consistently on time at a reasonable cost.” Paul Wright, Accuride Corporation

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