Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Leverage a real-time view of plant floor operations so you can make more confident manufacturing decisions to drive increased efficiency.


Maintain Operational Excellence

For effective decision-making, you need reliable, actionable information. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives you a complete view of your manufacturing operation from planning to execution and makes up-to-date information available to the entire organization—in real-time.

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At a Glance

Make effective production planning and finite scheduling decisions based on priority and resource constraints.

Maintain a single source of up-to-date engineering data for part specifications, assembly instructions, and bill-of-material variations.

Connect with customers and suppliers to initiate and manage B2B e-commerce through electronic data interchange (EDI).

Manage industry and customer compliance with secure access to data for quick and trouble-free audits.

Get accurate up-to-the-minute profitability analysis with real-time costing and resource utilization information at your fingertips.

Keep your fingers on the pulse of operations with sophisticated reporting and analytics.

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Manufacturing Agility through MES Excellence

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Manufacturing Operations in the Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud manages operations via a single source of data to drive business processes so you can focus on building your business—not on maintaining software functionality, disparate systems, or upgrades.

What Makes Plex Different?

The Plex Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution provides an integral link between top floor planning activities and plant floor execution so there is no time lag or disconnect that can result in short or late deliveries. Plex enables you to effectively manage your financial, operational, and IT strategies within one unified system—beyond ERP and MES. A single source of truth that connects your plant floor to your top floor, giving you end-to-end supply chain and production visibility and control with real-time access to data across your entire manufacturing enterprise.

See how Plex solves your business challenges for: Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Industrial Automation (M2M).

Planning and Scheduling

To keep up with customer demand, you need to manage materials and capacity as well as ensure that production assets are being used efficiently. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud quickly calculates what is needed, how much is needed, and when it is needed to keep inventory levels and cost at a minimum so you can:

  • Eliminate over-production waste and use lean production practices with Kanban to support pull-based demand.
  • Lower costs and reduce time conflicts by optimizing manufacturing production runs.
  • Set customer expectations by giving them a reliable delivery date based on actual availability of resources.
“With the report functionality available in Plex Planning and Scheduling we are able see what part jobs are at risk of becoming past due so we can adjust to meet our deadlines thus avoiding cost and time challenges in the process.” Geoff Pitts, Production Control Manager, Avon Machining

Connected Plant Floor Control

Monitor operational performance at any level with a unified operations management solution that’s “data-driven.” The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is built on a manufacturing execution system (MES) that incorporates the key principles of lean manufacturing so you can:

  • Monitor and control your plant floor with visibility to respond to changing demands that drive your business.
  • Control your entire manufacturing business with interoperability between the plant floor and the top floor.
  • Regain and maintain control of your quality output for reduced waste, greater customer satisfaction, and industry compliance.
“Our differentiators have become better shop floor controls, advanced technology, speed-to-market and flexibility—all things that Plex helps to make possible.” John Sammut, CEO, Firstronic

Purpose-Built Manufacturing Platform

A solution designed for managing operations management delivers faster time to value than trying to customize a generic ERP solution to your manufacturing demands. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was designed by manufacturers for manufacturing—with a core MES platform built-in, not bolted-on so you can:.

  • Gain accurate, up-to-the-minute data collection and recording, connected to a central, single source of truth.
  • Eliminate the need for task-specific add-ons by synergizing all of the production work streams into a single ERP system.
  • Launch new programs efficiently and collaboratively across all functional areas.
“We felt Plex was a much better fit for us because it is designed specifically for manufacturers.” Rick Dauch, President and CEO, Accuride

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Why should you choose Plex?

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