Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Leverage a real-time view of plant floor operations so you can make more confident manufacturing decisions to drive increased efficiency.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Maintain Operational Excellence

The Plex Manufacturing Execution Suite Advanced package delivers a robust manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution that uniquely links top-floor planning and plant-floor execution activities, eliminating time lag and disconnects that can result in short or late deliveries.  Extending on the value of Plex MES Core, Plex MES Advanced gives your decision-makers a complete view of your manufacturing operation from planning to execution and makes up-to-date information available to the entire organization—in real-time.

At a Glance

End-to-end visibility and control across all shop-floor activity enables continuous improvement through lean manufacturing and operational quality compliance.

Maintain a single source of up-to-date engineering data for part specifications, assembly instructions, and bill-of-material (BOM) variations.

Mitigate recall risk and/or recall exposure with easy access to accurate, database-driven traceability information.

Gain visibility to shop floor assets to enable innovation and add operational resiliency.

Execute more effective production planning with finite scheduling based on priority and resource constraints.

Leverage Industrial IoT (IIoT) for asset performance monitoring to reduce disruptions and increase OEE.

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Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) in the Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Execution Suite (Plex MES) Advanced manages operations from a single source of data versus a tangled web of loosely integrated point solutions. Plex MES Advanced drives manufacturing processes so you can focus on what you do—manufacturing—not on maintaining software functionality, disparate systems, or upgrades.

What Makes Plex Different?

Plex enables you to effectively manage your scheduling, operational, and reporting strategies within one unified system. A single source of truth that connects your plant floor to your top floor, giving you end-to-end production visibility and quality control with real-time access to KPIs across your entire manufacturing enterprise.

Advanced MES

  • Inventory Management – Know what inventory you have and where it is – from raw material to work-in-progress to finished goods – to reduce safety stock, excess inventory and carrying costs.
  • Advanced Traceability – Extend your track & trace upstream and downstream to include full inventory geneology.
  • Lot Management & Control – Accurately manage lotted inventory and products including using attributes and automatically prepare certificates of analysis (COA).
  • Plant Floor Control – Increase productivity and reduce errors with a unique control panel that records production, scrap, and machine status for accurate OEE.
  • Product Configurator – Manage configured BOMs by codifying the business rules for options.
  • Product Data Management – Use product data management (PDM) for manufacturing including part lists, bills-of-materials (BOM), change requests, and more.
  • Product & Program Management – Manage launches and other programs to keep all stakeholders and contributors in sync with the plan.
  • Engineering Change Request (ECR) – Manage edits to documents and their respective revisions, updating all usages automatically.
  • Injury Tracking – Maintain a history of injuries to fulfill OSHA requirements.

Advanced Production Planning & Scheduling

  • Planning & Scheduling – Use capacity planning to manage what jobs to schedule to which work centers.
  • Job Tracking & Trace – Manage jobs, job sets, and templates, and track the status of jobs, work orders, or releases from plant floor to completion.
  • Supply Item Management – Separately manage shop items and other supplies.
  • Finite Scheduling – Improve scheduling accuracy by taking resource constraints into account and leveraging rules and scenarios to determine the most feasible schedule.
  • Operations & Activity Planning – Dispatch jobs directly to the control panel to keep operators in sync with the production plan.
“With the report functionality available in Plex Planning and Scheduling we are able see what part jobs are at risk of becoming past due so we can adjust to meet our deadlines thus avoiding cost and time challenges in the process.” Geoff Pitts, Production Control Manager, Avon Machining

Advanced Quality Management

  • Core Quality Management – Govern operational performance from control plans that actively control your quality procedures. Checksheets are automatically presented and inspection data is stored digitally—automatically flagging the operator on a bad measurement. FMEAs, issue management, integrated SPC and more!
  • Gage Control – Manage proper devices and their calibration status.
  • Quality Standards Compliance – Document compliance standards and link your methodologies and evidence documents from within the software.

Platform & Mobility

  • Administration – Access all the foundational components to make an effective MES solution including permissions and security roles, activity and task management, email notification, and more.
  • Barcoding and Label Printing – Identify all your raw materials, work-in-process inventory, finished goods, supplies, tools and more with barcoded labels and scanning.
  • Document Management – Store, manage and track documents and their revisions in a centrally controlled database that acts as a “universal attachment system” for linking anywhere in the software.
  • Reporting Foundation – Measure and track your company’s performance against critical metrics and objectives.
  • Workflow – Design and implement repeatable workflows, from simple to complex, to keep everyone informed and effectively execute approvals.
  • Plant Floor Mobile Access – Keep plant floor data at your fingertips with mobile scanners and mobile shipping and receiving.
  • Plex Mobile – Keep plant floor data at your fingertips with mobile scanners and mobile shipping and receiving.

Advanced Analytics

  • IntelliPlex – Create, manage, and visualize reports and dashboards on your KPIs using drag&drop widgets.
  • IntelliPlex Builder (1 seat) – Author customized IntelliPlex reports.
  • VisionPlex - Personalize the appearance and functionality of user screens.
  • IntelliPlex Analytic Platform – Leverage enterprise-grade data warehouse to support critical reporting and analytics.

Tooling & Maintenance

  • Tool Manufacturing – Manage your own tool manufacture with the same planning and specification rigor as your other planning and production processes.
  • Tool Management – Keep track of maintenance, labor, and tool life to reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance – Maintain a rigorous preventative maintenance program with powerful equipment management capabilities.
“Our differentiators have become better shop floor controls, advanced technology, speed-to-market and flexibility—all things that Plex helps to make possible.” John Sammut, CEO, Firstronic

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