Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

Efficient, flexible and responsive process and discrete manufacturing

Mixed-Mode ERP & Manufacturing Process

Deploy Multiple Strategies for Manufacturing Success

Expand your capabilities by leveraging both high-volume/low-variety flow and low-volume/high-mix batch manufacturing in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

At a Glance

Maximize your ability to meet customer demands with flexibility and control in a mixed-mode ERP solution.

Manage batch manufacturing and flow manufacturing process with a single mixed-mode ERP software system.

Bring previously outsourced manufacturing processes in-house for reliability, control and higher quality using a mixed-mode manufacturing environment.

Support make-to-order (MTO), make-to-stock (MTS) and other manufacturing environments simultaneously.

Successfully execute discrete and process manufacturing in the same plant.

Satisfy a wide range of customer expectations using a choice of manufacturing strategies.

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Why Mixed-Mode Manufacturing Matters

Today’s shrinking product cycles and increasing demands for product variety and quicker deliveries require manufacturers to be more agile, responsive and reliable. This can be particularly challenging when your product portfolio include both fast-moving ready-to-ship standard products (make-to-stock MTS) and custom-manufactured products that have a lead-time in days or weeks (make-to-order MTO). High volume standard products are most effectively produced by continuous flow lines. High variety products call for traditional batch manufacturing. Often, manufacturers specialize in one of these approaches and outsource the other.

Outsourcing’s longer lead times, higher inventory, questionable control and quality concerns are leading many manufacturers to bring more of their operations in-house. In-house production allows you to quickly introduce new products and variations, reduce lead times, get higher control over quality and manage your business with fewer supply chain risks.

Mixed-mode manufacturing, supporting both flow and batch production in the same facility, is a strategy that offers flexibility and agility along with increased control for a competitive edge. Manufacturers who employ a mixed-mode manufacturing strategy enjoy:

  • Well-defined product design, development and supply chain strategies
  • Flexible planning, scheduling and production methods and processes
  • Streamlined setups and tooling changes for increased flexibility
  • Plant floor tools and technologies for quality, efficiency and flexibility

Mixed-Mode ERP Operations with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud

To execute on this mixed-mode manufacturing strategy, you need enterprise resource planning (ERP) along with production planning and execution systems that support co-existence of batch and flow manufacturing modes in the same environment.

You need an agile end-to-end solution that gives you the flexibility you need in operations control, planning and scheduling as well as in data management. Your manufacturing system should be configurable to support production of both repetitive standard parts, smaller quantities of unique parts and mass-customized products. The system must deliver the controls and visibility to meet industry-specific quality and compliance requirements with confidence.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers the required flexibility and control to your business. Built natively for cloud deployment, Plex solutions meet or exceed the functionality of on-premise ERP system and provides the ideal mixed-mode ERP solution to your business.

Through this integral set of functionality, Plex maximizes the utilization of your resources on the shop floor and allows you to efficiently operate in a mixed-mode environment through an orchestrated ensemble of these functionalities:

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Suppliers and Purchasing
  • Customers and Sales

Explore the full suite of Plex Products to find out how a single unified platform can help you manage your manufacturing operations and deliver a competitive edge to your business.

“We focus on what we can offer that nobody else can … Our differentiators have become shop floor controls, advanced technology, speed-to-market and flexibility.” John Sammut, CEO, Firstronic

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