Precision Metalforming & Fabrication Manufacturing Software

Increase your productivity while reducing your cost of quality (CoQ) with the precision metalforming and fabrication software from Plex, by maintaining tight control over inventory, equipment, schedules and costs.

Plex in Precision Metalforming & Fabrication Manufacturing

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud will keep your plant running smoothly with production scheduling, integrated quality and tooling management.

Features & Benefits of Metalforming & Fabrication Software

See what’s happening in every part of your business — from the shop floor to the top floor – with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud for precision metalforming manufacturers. The plant floor is the heart of your business and plant floor data is at the heart of our solution. Real-time data is captured by integral MES functionality and integrated into the complete suite of ERP applications, Business Intelligence and collaboration tools. Run your manufacturing business more profitably with un-matched visibility and traceability to support efficient operations, increased throughput, compliance and cost control.

Full Traceability

  • Gain full traceability of materials used in each step of the metalforming and fabrication manufacturing process to better manage your inventory investment.
  • Connect all the way to the shop floor with connectivity to equipment, industrial automation, and sensors.
  • Keep a full history of inventory, heats, production activities, test results and more.

Predictive Maintenance

  • Keep equipment operating efficiently for increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Avoid unplanned downtime with predictive and preventive maintenance. 
  • Keep equipment uptime high and unexpected failures low with performance-based maintenance scheduling.

Financial Controls

  • Fully integrated accounting functions with automatic journal entries can be supplemented with multi-entity functionality for consolidation of cross-company activities.
  • Keep close tabs on all entities within the enterprise and provide senior management with detailed and consolidated information they need to make informed management decisions.
  • Replace your disparate point solutions with a fully-integrated solution that can run your entire manufacturing business.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud makes it possible to view all parts of your business for better management decision-making. Metalforming specific functions like production scheduling, serialized inventory and tooling management give you the broad and deep functionality you need for success. Plex ERP software is the right functional fit for your metal forming business today and as you grow in the future.

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The Plex Manufacturing Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a single unified platform that helps you manage your manufacturing operations with unmatched agility and superior performance. Plex delivers a competitive edge to your business through its built-in broad and deep set of functionalities.

Accounting and Financials

Keep your accounting and finance system in sync with accurate, real-time data.

Customers and Sales

Improve your customer service and save time and effort.

Enterprise Management

Expand your business with enhanced controls and real-time data access.

Human Capital

Treat your employees right and increase job satisfaction.

Inventory Management

Improve inventory accuracy and optimize material availability.

Planning and Scheduling

Plan for an optimized capacity utilization of your shop floor resources.

Products and Programs

Track all program activities to ensure compliance and timely reporting.

Production Management

Keep your plant efficient and productive with a central production hub.

Quality Management

Improve product quality and comply with specifications.

Suppliers and Purchasing

Keep suppliers informed and involved through improved collaboration.

SaaS Platform

Use these essential functions to get the most from your ERP system.


ERP Selection and Implementation Tips

Learn how to select the right system for your industry with these tips and advice from successful Plex users.

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Plex for Precision Metalforming and Fabrication

Discover how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables Precision Metalformers and Fabricators to keep production operating at top efficiency.

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Unleashing the Value of IIoT

See how taking a holistic approach to connectivity on the shop floor and beyond can greatly enhance profitability

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Why should you choose Plex?

Discover more about the cloud ERP benefits Plex offers.

Plex is Built for Manufacturers

Manufacturing ERP software is not all the same. Historical ERP software solutions involve painful implementation projects followed by challenging periodic updates – often forcing companies to go years without updating their ERP system. Meanwhile, these same companies lose value day after day as new features and functions elude them, only implemented with the next painful ‘big bang’ upgrade.

Modern manufacturing ERP software from Plex takes a different approach. No more waiting. No more upgrades. New features are added daily to a single line of code, shared instantly with all Plex customers. Those customers not only realize renewed value daily, but share best practices real time with other peer Plex customers, all of which have access to exactly the same features, functions and capabilities enabled by a true, single ERP software code SaaS cloud offering.

ERP software solutions should truly be just that; solutions. Manufacturers are often tempted by ERP software vendors touting strong financial, accounting, and even retail ERP software solutions and systems. None of these, however, do the one thing they need particularly well – manufacturing.

Plex is different, offering the only ERP software solution built from the ground up in the cloud and focused exclusively on manufacturing. At Plex, we know manufacturing isn’t just part of the business: manufacturing is the business. The Plex ERP software solution is purpose-built to fit your manufacturing business needs, evolving with you while adding value daily.

Manufacturing ERP software is not all the same. Plex can help you be different. Find out how.

Manufacturers have moved beyond the need for non-integrated point solutions to solve their challenges – they require a true ERP system. Beyond individual, bolt-on products, an ERP system enables connectivity between companies, their customers and their suppliers.

An ERP system must fit the business needs of a given company, while offering a broad array of capabilities designed for that business. With an eye toward the future, the right ERP system gives companies the power to scale at their pace while adding constant value in real time.

Move your business forward with a true ERP system. Find out how.