7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing

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Deliver the right ingredients and mix to the right place and batch and improve your yield.

Manage batches efficiently and grow your business

In the bakery manufacturing world, batch management is the name of the game. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform helps bakery manufacturing companies control and track batches and lots, streamline quality and safety audits, and maintain strong relationships with customers and suppliers

Preview Quality

Ensure consistency and accuracy


Real-time data integration and full traceability help you schedule optimally, allocate materials, and ensure that you meet expiration timelines.

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Maximize efficiency

Production Control

Improve forecasting and purchasing decisions by tracking rework materials and reusing them in additional batches.

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Streamline checks and audits

Compliance and Safety

Perform regular, mandatory quality checks of formulation temperatures, washdowns, and finished product evaluations to make the audit process easy.