7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing

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Beverage Manufacturing

Take control of high-speed operations, batch management, and new product introduction for water, flavorings, and alcoholic beverages.

Streamline beverage production and development

Beverage manufacturers often have three main objectives in mind: operating efficiently at scale, complying with safety regulations, and advancing product development and formulation. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform ensures on-time delivery and quality by providing you visibility and control for consistent and efficient batch management and production planning.

Preview Inventory Management

Track yield accurately

Inventory Management

Precisely measure and predict production yield. Visibility into finished goods, runoff, and waste data helps you plan and schedule most efficiently.

Preview Production Control

Manage large batch production

Production Control

Trace raw materials between kettles through cooling and storage. Leverage data to streamline production time and plan future purchases and orders.

Preview R&D and Product Development

Reinvest runoff yield

R&D and Product Development

Understand the true ROI of your runoff by monitoring it in real time and re-using it in future batches or collaborations with outside partners.

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