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Rockwell Automation Has Acquired Plex Systems

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Built for Packing Manufacturers

Work smarter with your customers by giving them access to real-time information with the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform. Think outside the box and dig into data together to send waste and efficiency packing.

Solidify your packing or co-packing partnerships

Complying with the details is everything when you are packaging other food and beverage manufacturers' products. With features like real-time data and safety integration, the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform will ensure you're a trusted partner to your customers. 

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We Solve for Your Unique Challenges

Quality Control

Streamline checks and audits.

  • Integrated document management system that delivers the documents you need for each auditor—without the paper chase.
  • Run mock audits and checks in minutes, instead of days.
  • Monitor the status of internal and external audits. 

Real-Time Access

Unlock the benefits of a cloud-based system.

  • Access critical, up-to-date metrics, like product cost and downtime, from any device and any location, to help optimize yield. 
  • Provide your customers with an always-on customer portal and share important updates in real-time.
  • Leverage the supplier portal to enable suppliers to respond to corrective actions or add checksheets before shipping products.

Infinite Configurations

Easily keep up with customer growth.

  • Configurable and customizable platform to optimize and improve your business without adding overhead.
  • Scale production up or down to create the right inventory at the right time for better delivery track-record and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Split and merge inventory for specific packing standards based on customer requirements, while maintaining accurate produce genealogy and traceability.

Packaging up quality, transparency and agility

Food and Beverage - Packing Manufacturers - Shrink Wrapped Water Bottles

Aaron Thomas, a contract packaging company, gained complete real-time inventory visibility, automated quality control, and transparency for customers both, on the plant floor and remotely, with the Plex Platform. Best of all, mock recalls are now conducted in a mere 7 minutes, with all documentation sent to their customer under an hour.

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"There are thousands of little switches inside the program that I can tweak to make sure it's operating optimally for our needs"

Aaron Bacon

Sales and Marketing Representative, ATCO

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