7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing

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Give your customers real-time information through Plex. Think outside the box and dig into data together to send waste and inefficiency packing.

Let Plex be the strong, silent partner in all your packing or co-packing partnerships.

Complying with the details is everything when you are packaging other food and beverage manufacturers' products. With Plex, you have another hand in making sure it all comes out exactly as expected. No matter what kind of variety you're packing, features like real-time data and safety integration guarantee you're always a trusted collaborator.

Preview Quality

Stay ahead of checks and audits

Quality Control

Plex's integrated quality control and total traceability means audits take minutes instead of hours. Short timelines and high standards are par for the course.

Preview Production Control

Any screen, anywhere.

Real-Time Access

With cloud-based Plex, both you and your customers have access to real-time information at your fingertips, 24/7

Preview Compliance and Safety

Easily keep up with customer growth

Infinite Configurations

With Plex, you have infinite configurations that can help you not just optimize, but improve without adding overhead