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Built for Private Label Manufacturers

Making private label products comes with an exclusive batch of challenges. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform provides the tracking, analysis, and quality management needed to meet them head on.

Efficiency and compliance at scale

The label may not carry your name, but the package carries your product. As a private label manufacturer, that means you're on the hook for quality and waste reduction. With a multitude of formulas and standards to manage, a system like the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform can give you the insight you need to handle a whole menu of options with the highest quality. 

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We Solve for Your Unique Challenges

Inventory Control

Seize control of your inventory with real-time data integration and total traceability.

  • Bulk together ingredients with similar expiration dates to optimize turnaround times, first-in-first-out (FIFO), and first-expired-first-out (FEFO).
  • Measure and predict production yield with accuracy. 
  • Gain full visibility into finished goods, runoff, and waste data. 
  • Use real-time data to plan and schedule efficiently. 

Production Management

Allocate materials between batches to optimize processing and delivery times, and complete orders well ahead of expiration dates.

  • Real-time inventory lot management and tracking of consumed ingredients.
  • Quick identification of affected lots or shipments in the case of a recall, with immediate notifications to distributors and customers. 
  • Automate your production and eliminate manual spreadsheets and processes. 

Safety and Compliance

Plex weaves compliance into integrated quality checks so seamlessly you might not notice them happening.

  • Perform regular, mandatory quality checks, beginning at pre-recipe and throughout the full production process to meet compliance requirements.
  • Achieve best-in-class quality certifications; providing auditors instant proof of compliance and the documents they need instantly.
  • Run mock audits in minutes and monitor status in real-time.

99.9% Inventory Accuracy, a True Story

Preview Food and Beverage - Private Label Manufacturers Quote - Shanks

Shank's Extracts took inventory traceability, quality control and audits by the horns with the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform. With all their product formulas, R&D, and new project requests in one central location, the company is in total control of their manufacturing operations.

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“Plex is a system that allows us to put just about everything we know about a customer, about our own production, about our products, and about the packaging into a form where we can keep track of it by lot number, by day, by production day, and we can access it very, very easily. It's one of the few systems that we found that lets us put in so much information we can use to make better decisions about our business."

Jeff Lehman

President, Shank’s Extracts

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