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Forrester Wave Rankings

Plex Named Strong Performer

in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Operations Platforms For Manufacturing Businesses, Q3 2020.

Tool Management Software

Tool Management Modules

Track your tools and features with comprehensive management.

Establish tooling maintenance plans and track associated labor for that maintenance. Satisfy your customers as you fulfill special requests, use detailed reports and track processes to make your business run better than ever.

  • Die Maintenance

    • Establish a preventive maintenance schedule for each die (tool set)
    • Define various events such as “clean,” “refurbish,” “rework,” etc., each with its own checklist of tasks that need to be completed
    • Specify required frequencies of these events by accumulated production quantity (as captured automatically by the production tracking module) and/or calendar days
    • In addition to preventative maintenance, shop users may also request special die maintenance on an as-required basis when special work is required
    • Use reports such as maintenance priority to see upcoming maintenance, or view detailed maintenance histories
  • Die Maintenance Labor Tracking

    • Track maintenance time against specific tool sets
    • View reports such as total cost of die maintenance filtered or sorted by die, by product, etc.
    • Fully integrated with actual costing and time and attendance
  • Master Tool List

    • Establish a master list of tools and their attributes such as tool number, revision level, description, material, supplier(s), minimum inventory quantity, minimum or standard order quantity, and dimensions
    • Easily navigate numerous links from the Tool List to related Tool Inventory, Tool Manufacturing and other tooling-related modules
  • Online Tool Releases

    • Facilitate a high level of real-time communication with your tooling suppliers without the need for paper releases, EDI and constant phone calls to the supplier
    • Issue releases to tool suppliers using Web-based communication
    • Via the supplier portal, suppliers view the online releases screen to see releases that have been issued to them and then commit to or reject those release dates and/or quantities
    • Suppliers ready to ship tools use Plex Online to print out a barcoded shipper in advance which is then delivered and received with the tools
    • Streamline your tool receiving process by taking advantage of the barcoded, “pre-received” and inherently accurate incoming shipper
  • Tool BOM / Assemblies

    • Define the list of tools required to produce each product at each operation and workcenter
    • Easily distinguish machine-specific tools (adapters) from tools used regardless of machine (forming tools)
    • This module also provides the foundation for tool staging reports that compare available tool inventory to the tooling required to fulfill the production schedule
  • Tool Failure Tracking and Analysis

    • Reduce tooling and tooling-related expense by understanding which tools cost the most and which ones cause the most production stoppages
    • Compare actual tool life to standard (expected) life
    • Use Pareto analysis to clearly identify how tools and failures generate costs and how much unexpected tool failures contribute indirectly to total costs by disrupting the manufacturing operation
    • Prioritize tool design, manufacturing or usage improvements for those tools which analysis demonstrates have the highest total cost
  • Tool Inventory

    • Manage the physical instances of the tools listed in the master tool list
    • Use barcode scanning to change tool locations when they move
    • The system automatically collects data needed for the detailed log of every move, production run and repair performed on a given tool
  • Tool Life Tracking

    • Track tool life including reworks and total tool life using a closed-loop tool failure response system, tool cost improvement system, failure mode analysis, etc.
    • Tool life data is collected automatically by the production tracking system
  • Tool Orders

    • Enter and track customer orders for tooling
    • Manage, schedule, and invoice customer tool orders
  • Tool Requirements Planning

    • Recommend tool procurement based on current tool inventory and orders vs. standard tool life, production requirements and minimum tool inventory levels
  • Tool Set Tracking (Die Tracking)

    • Track tool sets (collections of tool details)
    • Tool sets are uniquely identified and tracked with a barcode and may be complete dies that are tracked over time or may be temporary collections of loose tools that are used together in the workcenter
    • The system automatically maintains a detailed log of everything that happens to each tool set (die)
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