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Plex Supply Chain Executive Forum

March 13th @ 1pm EST

Calling all supply chain leaders: you’re invited to the upcoming Quarterly Supply Chain Executive Forum!

This interactive discussion is exclusive to our customers. At this quarter’s session, we will be focused on Inventory Overload.

During these meetings, we encourage open conversation. Therefore, this meeting will not be recorded. We want you to be there in person to discuss what’s important to you and your organization and hear from your Plex user peers. Please plan to join us live on March 13th at 1pm EST and bring your topics and questions!

Agenda Topics for this Quarter:

  • Where did all this inventory come from? Future trends for managing inventory levels using AI with Ara Surenian
  • Plex is helping customers optimize inventory, learn more about how to incorporate Plex Smart Manufacturing platform for managing inventory with Anthony Murphy
  • Plex Partner Presentation with Martin Black from Cella Technologies
  • Interactive Q&A

Please complete the form to receive your Teams meeting invitation. We hope to see you there!