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Purchasing Modules

Automate your supplier interactions and purchasing functions with full traceability and visibility.

Track your purchasing from start to finish. Automate complex purchasing processes and decisions for a streamlined supply chain. 

Auto AP Creation

  • Configure and control automatic creation of pending accounts payable (AP) records when material is received
  • Take advantage of the evaluated receipts methodology (also known as “three-way match”) for reconciled voucher records

Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

  • Issue, track and manage the lifecycle of requests for quotation (RFQs) to suppliers and bids from your suppliers
  • Create RFQs with multiple details lines with different price points and specification attachments – for parts, items, and services
  • Optionally, convert one or more requisitions to an RFQ, and also choose to link the RFQ with an Engineering Change Request (ECR) and/or a customer quote
  • Issue RFQs to specific suppliers based on their ratings, even at the detail line level, and capture suppliers’ responses against those RFQs
  • Compare RFQ responses for your sourcing decision

Inbound Shipping

  • Plan and prepare for the pickup and shipment of incoming goods ordered via the purchasing system

Purchase Orders

  • Create and maintain purchase orders (POs), including blanket POs and one-time “spot buys”
  • Control blanket PO release schedules via material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Email or fax POs and release schedules directly from the screen, or share the same  via the supplier portal or send them via electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Define and apply standard clause text (also called “boilerplates”) by PO type and customize to suit your specific business needs
  • Use automated workflow for electronic review and approval of POs based on user roles and authority


  • Enable users to easily request common items and services
  • Use automated workflow for electronic review and approval of POs based on user roles and authority
  • Combine and add approved requisitions into new or existing purchase orders or RFQs

Supplier Returns

  • Track product returns and warranties with suppliers using serial and lot numbers

Subcontract Shipping/Receiving

  • Manage shipments of work-in-process inventory to subcontractors
  • Optimize shipment quantity to subcontractors based on lot or minimum quantity parameters
  • Track outside inventory, including return due dates, by subcontractor
  • Receive processed inventory with integrated quality inspections
  • Account for the consumption of ingredients or components used by subcontractors
  • Analyze and choose subcontractors based on their processing time as well as the quality of their work

Supplier List

  • Create and maintain a master list of suppliers, including their detailed address, contact and financial information
  • Maintain all supplier-related data such as status, rating and approval

Supplier Part

  • Manage multiple supplier-specific part records for each internal master part for easy integration into their businesses
  • Let suppliers view part information in Plex for the parts they supply

Supplier Pricing

  • Apply the correct pricing to spot-buys and recurring blanket releases by defining pricing components, price breaks and effective date range
  • Support centralized pricing with flexibility to accommodate local pricing factors like freight