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Forrester Wave Rankings

Plex Named Strong Performer

in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Operations Platforms For Manufacturing Businesses, Q3 2020.

Closed-Loop Quality Management

One of the many Manufacturing Execution System (MES)/MOM features you'll find on the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Win your customers’ loyalty with increased process repeatability, predictability, and compliance.

Plex MES/MOM system has both planning and execution functions, enabling you to meet strict quality standards.

Plex MES/MOM Closed-loop Quality Management Capabilities

  • ERP-Integrated Quality and Compliance Planning

    Reduce quality costs and risk

    Making quality management integral to your ERP system reduces quality loss and risk of warranty issues or recalls, improving your brand reputation and customer relationships. Plex helps you generate process control plans with detailed inspection instructions and checksheets that are closely integrated with product specifications. You can manage and track documents such as engineering and material specifications and maintain a detailed list of dimensions and characteristics on specific parts.


    Plex allows you to create, edit, and view design and process failure mode effects and analysis (DFMEA, PFMEA) that is linked to specific products or product types. You can combine the benefits of specification-level control plans with the FMEA methodology and gage repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) and process capability (Cp/Cpk).

  • Error-Proofed, In-line Quality

    Control operational behavior in real time

    Finally go paperless with electronic checksheets that validate quality and process control in real time. From the Plex Control Panel, work instructions and automatic checksheets are available digitally to ensure that execution proceeds as planned. You can establish and maintain a detailed list of product dimensions and characteristics to inspect. Operators receive checksheets as required depending on rules defined in the control plan. 


    Plex allows you to collect in-process inspection data for statistical process control (SPC) and view data visualizations such as histogram, average and range, run chart, and individuals’ chart. You can perform capability studies, dock audits, dimensional layouts, first-piece and final inspection sheets, and any other user-defined checks. You can automatically complete statistical calculations such as standard deviation and process capability (Cp/Cpk). Plex makes it possible to connect electronic gages and weigh-scales to eliminate manual data entry of dimensional measurements.

  • Quality Compliance

    Gain and retain industry and customer quality standard certifications

    Achieve and retain quality certifications with best-in-class functions that provide auditors with instant evidence of compliance. Plex helps ensure that you meet quality standards that are crucial for your industry with flexible, user-configurable methodologies in the Compliance module. You can also leverage the Continuous Improvement module to manage lean manufacturing initiatives across your facility and involve customers and suppliers through portals.


    You can document itemized quality standard requirements within the system and then use a formalized mechanism for review/signoff, audits, checklists, procedures, documentation, and follow-up activities. You can draw data from a variety of other modules to produce other supporting documents, such as control plans, FMEAs, gage R&R, first-piece inspection data, and more.

  • Issue Management

    Streamline the issue resolution process with built-in tools for corrective and preventative actions (CAPA)

    Whenever issues are raised within your organization or by suppliers or customers, you can use built-in forms for problem reporting and resolution including common techniques like 8-discipline (8D), “5 Why,” or other corrective action methods to record, track, follow-up on, resolve, and report problems and concerns. You can assign actions needed for containment, correction, and prevention of problem recurrence. For supplier-related problems, the Plex Supplier Portal enables you to collaborate directly with suppliers on waivers or cost recovery.


    Plex makes it possible for you to track production defects at the level of the container or individual part and determine products that need to be returned to the supplier. CAPA is integrated with inventory and lot tracking, problem control, supplies, rejections, and general shipping. You can also track approved deviations from control plan dimensions or specifications during the production process.


The Plex Manufacturing Cloud uniquely supports closed-loop quality from a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” perspective, enabling continuous improvement of quality processes.

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