Quality Management Advanced Modules

Go above and beyond with advanced options in quality management.

Take your quality management practices to the next level with features such as the supplier quality management that allows you to extend visibility of product quality into your suppliers’ plants. Problem control and continuous improvement project tracking are included for efficient production as well as inventory and calibration control. Quality standards compliance exists to help you meet important milestones while internal and supplier auditing ensure your integrity on the plant floor.

Continuous Improvement Project Tracking

  • Track and document implementation of cost saving ideas, best practices and other continuous improvement projects

Cost Recovery

  • Normally used in conjunction with the Problem Control feature set

Internal and Supplier Auditing

  • Define, track and conduct internal and supplier quality audits
  • Custom configure audit forms for a variety of other auditing and checking tasks and projects

Problem Control

  • Use highly configurable forms to apply techniques such as problem reporting and resolution (PR/R), 8-discipline (8D), 5 Why or other corrective action methods to record, track, follow-up on, resolve and report problems and concerns within the company whether caused by suppliers or raised by customers
  • Assign actions needed for containment, correction and prevention of problem recurrence
  • Suppliers can directly collaborate on the resolution of problems for which they are responsible using the Plex Supplier Portal
  • This is often a necessary element for quality standard compliance

Quality Standards Compliance

  • Help ensure accomplishment and retention of certification to the quality standards important in your industry using flexible, user-configurable methodologies
  • Document itemized quality standard requirements within the system, then use a formalized mechanism for review/signoff, audits, checklists, procedures, documentation and follow-up activities

Supplier Quality Management

  • Manage supplier quality by tracking supplier status, certification level, problem history, quality performance and other metrics
  • Prevent purchase orders from being issued to suppliers with an unknown or unacceptable status
  • Suppliers can directly review and collaborate with you to improve their performance using the Plex Supplier Portal
  • Integrated with Supplier List, Problem Control, Purchasing and Shipping, and Receiving

Supplier Returns

  • Track product that needs to be returned to a supplier
  • Integrated with inventory and lot tracking, problem control, supplies, rejections and general shipping