Plex Price: ERP Subscription & Packages

Everything you need, sized to fit your manufacturing business, in one low annual subscription fee.

Simple and Affordable Subscription


One low annual subscription fee covers it all, without the complexity of concurrent or named user licenses. Your Plex subscription supports unlimited users and machines for your enterprise as well as all of your customers and suppliers.


There are no surprises with your Plex subscription: no overage charges and no limit on data transfers. You have 24x7 access to a sandbox environment for experimentation and a replicated environment for optimized analytics.


All you need is a web browser and Internet connection to access the power of Plex, and your subscription includes the rest: server hardware, software, support, continuous innovation, security monitoring, off-site back-ups, optimized performance and more.

An independent study conducted by Mint Jutras found that on average, 65% of employees in companies with SaaS ERP actively use ERP, compared to 45% in those companies with more traditional on-premises or hosted implementations. Internal studies indicate that Plex customers further maximize use of their ERP system and typically have more than 75% of their employees accessing ERP functions.

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Flexible and Scalable Packages

Starter Package

The Starter package moves your manufacturing to cloud and automates your essential business processes by delivering:

  • Streamlined and integrated accounting, reporting, sales and purchasing as well as inventory, production and planning management processes
  • All platform functionality including user management, access security, mobile access, machine integration and more
  • Real-time plant floor data with full traceability, document control and records storage

Core Package

The Core package upgrades your robust ERP platform with fully integrated manufacturing and quality management functionality by also delivering: 

  • Industry-specific regulatory and reporting compliance for Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Food and Beverage and other industries
  • The flexibility of supporting mixed-mode manufacturing to make your business more responsive to customer demands
  • Extended functionality for managing human resources, quoting and estimating, workflow automation, customer and supplier portals, and more

Subscription and Pricing Questions?

We can help you.

We offer flexible configuration options and scalable packages to suit your specific industry needs. For more information on Plex’s subscription packages and pricing, please complete this quick pricing form.


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