Plex Subscription Benefits

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud includes everything you need a simple, affordable annual subscription fee. Learn more about Plex subscription benefits here.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud includes everything you need in an affordable annual subscription fee so you can focus on your manufacturing business instead of being distracted by IT concerns. This simple subscription fee eliminates the complex and disruptive processes of purchasing, installing, maintaining and upgrading your own software and hardware.

Your annual subscription fee comes with many benefits:

  • Access to the complete Plex Manufacturing Cloud that scales along with your business
  • One single version of Plex across all customers, giving you all new capabilities on an opt-in basis so you can adopt them at your own pace
  • Continuous innovation: Plex delivers daily updates, allowing you to innovate much faster than the traditional process of complex and disruptive upgrades
  • An all-inclusive price with unlimited data transfer and storage — no software, no hardware, no backups, no IT, no upgrade fee — so you can experience a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • 24x7 proactive system monitoring to ensure availability and performance, providing anytime, anywhere access for your global employees and partners
  • Industrial-strength security — including server protection from malware, hackers and other online threats — for lower IT costs and peace of mind
  • Data center redundancy, including warm-standby facility with up-to-date data available, for minimal downtimes for your business
  • Bundled customer support at the Silver Support program level with SLA-driven response to provide customer support during the most critical hours of operation
We offer flexible configuration options and scalable packages to suit your specific industry needs. For more information on Plex’s subscription packages and pricing, please complete this quick pricing form.