The Plex SaaS Manufacturing Platform

Plex provides a single unified cloud platform that’s highly secure, constantly updated software system that enables rapid adjustments to your changing business needs.


Flexibility and Reliability You Can Trust

The Plex SaaS Manufacturing Platform provides foundational capabilities that uniquely combine centralized security, visibility and collaboration with the flexibility to tailor the application to the processes and structures unique to every manufacturing organization.

Plex SaaS Manufacturing Platform in the Cloud


The Plex SaaS Manufacturing Platform collects granular information at every manufacturing moment, and Plex Insight provides powerful manufacturing intelligence to allow you to use that data to make faster, more informed business decisions.

  • Easy to use, self-service interface enables report writers and business analyst to easily create reports, charts, and analytics.
  • Rich, interactive visualizations allow you to more easily identify anomalies or trends that may otherwise be impossible to find.
  • Data selection tools enable business users to quickly find and navigate datasets based on visual representations of table relationships and business terms, not technical terms.
  • Role-based analytic applications give you detailed performance through visual, intuitive dashboards simple enough for business users to navigate with minimal training.
  • Historic data can be analyzed over time to more easily identify trends.

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Plex's ERP system integration uniquely ties together people, technologies, and even machines to provide a complete and connected view of your manufacturing business.

  • An open REST/JSON API provides a modern, self-documenting, state-of the art API for connecting data and applications quickly and efficiently.
  • A single unified data model ensures one version of the truth across your manufacturing operations, eliminating data duplication, errors, and inconsistencies.
  • Plex integrates to PLC’s to track and control plant floor machines and connect your manufacturing Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Plex provides and maintains a library of packaged connectors to provide quick integration to both cloud and on-premise applications.
  • A developer portal provides code examples, best practices, and documentation for the integration interfaces.

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Cloud delivery does not mean one size fits all. Plex SaaS Manufacturing Platform allows total configuration of all menus, workflows, screens, and individual fields to ensure the system meets your unique manufacturing requirements.

  • As a true cloud delivery model, Plex provides continuous innovation as new features and functions are made available real-time, not staged in long release cycles.
  • Functionality can be enabled or disabled at the screen or user level to configure the application to unique business requirements.
  • The SmartPlex mobile application allows users to access their complete Plex system via a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world they can access the Internet.
  • Screens can be customized or even created using the graphical VisionPlex designer.
  • Administrative tools allow user, customer and partner access from a single location to maintain complete control and visibility over all access into your ERP system.

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