Plex Analytics: Manufacturing Intelligence

Plex Analytics provides enterprise-wide visibility and manufacturing intelligence to help make faster and more informed data-driven decisions.

Informed and Timely Decisions for Your Enterprise

IntelliPlex empowers you with self-service, drag-and-drop analytics so you can easily manipulate data—from shop floor to top floor—to make more informed and timely decisions. (4:08)

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Quickly find and navigate through data based on visual representations of table relationships

Analyze historic time-series data to more easily identify trends

View rich visualizations that help identify trends or anomalies far more easily than pouring through tables or spreadsheets

Rely on pre-packaged analytic applications that give you detailed performance through visual, intuitive dashboards

Visually track plant floor machine performance to identify inefficiencies, and improve performance

Plex Analytics


Track your success with standard and customized business reporting with IntelliPlex.

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Build custom transactional lists or personalize the appearance and functionality of user screens.

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Plex Analytic Platform

Rely on a performance-tuned cloud data warehouse to fuel your critical manufacturing reporting and analytics.

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IntelliPlex Analytic Applications

Get quick and easy role-based access to KPIs you need to make smarter business decisions.

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Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter

LNS Research shows how manufacturers can select the correct metrics approach that aligns to their business manufacturing processes to drive optimized improvement efforts.

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IntelliPlex Sales Analytic App

Take away the complexity of sales and order performance reporting with rich visual interactive analytic dashboard.

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Is Your ERP Controlling Your Shop Floor?

Get a true picture of your shop floor. See the importance of accurately tracking production, orders, quality checks and more.

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