Plex Mobility: Mobile ERP for Manufacturers

Improve manufacturing efficiency with expanded data collection and sharing.

Data Sharing Across the Enterprise 

The intersection of mobile technology and modern manufacturing has created an environment where enterprise control and information sharing are at the employee’s fingertips. Mobile ERP delivers manufacturing control and visibility down to the plant floor from anywhere, over any device, creating a truly connected manufacturing enterprise.



Deliver secure manufacturing system access from any device over an intuitive mobile ERP experience.

Share plant floor data, quality notifications and inventory levels with all users over any device, anywhere.

Connect employees with enhanced visibility to enterprise data and analytical tools to improve manufacturing intelligence.

Provide contextual information based on an employee’s location with appropriate role-based access, including any network or functional restrictions and security enforcement.

Plex Mobility

Plant Floor Mobile

Go wireless but keep plant floor data right at your fingertips.

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SmartPlex Mobile

With SmartPlex, mobile ERP software, you can access the Plex Manufacturing Cloud from anywhere you have Internet access. Click here to learn more.

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Real-time Production

A real-time production system that integrates with, guides, initiates and reports shop floor activities as they occur – not after the fact.

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The State of Manufacturing Technology

Discover how cloud drives adoption of wearable and mobile devices on the shop floor, fuels manufacturing productivity and unleashes innovation.

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Improved Data Visibility Drives Manufacturing Performance

See real-life examples of how companies are using real-time data integration to make strategic decisions and improve business performance.

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