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Product and Program Management

One of the many Supply Chain Management (SCM) features you'll find on the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Leverage a single source of product and program information to align customer demand, engineering and production.

Real-time data and consistent repeatable processes help you keep operations in sync.

Plex SCM Product & Program Management Capabilities

  • Synchronized Parts and Assemblies with CAD or PDM System

    Import digital product definition files to ensure that your production data is in sync with the latest design

    • Leverage bi-directional updates to computer aided design (CAD) and product data management (PDM) systems using partner integration to keep part, assembly, and process routing specifications up-to-date.
    • Import dimensions, tolerances, and metadata to populate process routings.
    • Import 3D CAD files for visualization using partner integration.

  • Real-Time Access to Customer Requirements, Part Specifications, and Process Routing

    Ensure that all team members can make decisions with confidence with secure and synchronized customer requirements and documentation

    Create and maintain a master list of products and purchased materials, including all associated data, such as process routings, bills of materials (BOMs), and multi-out production configurations. Link part information anywhere it is needed, allowing users to link back to a single source. Set up and manage process routings to define the operations and sequencing. Display bills-of-materials in multiple ways for any assembly by referencing parts, components, or ingredients from the central database.


    With Plex, you can access documentation securely from the document control system (DCS), which maintains the latest revision information. Link the proper revision of documents throughout Plex with the universal attachment system to ensure everyone is working on the correct revision. Set up standard master pricing and cross-customer pricing information that is based on volume discounts or other user-selected parameters. Manage flexible commission payment structure by salesperson.

  • Material Specifications Management

    Maintain specific specifications for raw materials

    Set up your receiving system to be optimized for metallic raw materials. Define detailed chemical specification templates for steel, aluminum, and other metals, and validate the chemistry and physical characteristics of incoming materials against engineering specifications. Create inventory records and barcoded labels for each inventory unit received.

  • A Change Made Anywhere Is Reflected Everywhere

    Ensure that everyone is working on the proper product effective revision control in documentation and processes

    Submit engineering change requests (ECR) leveraging the platform’s customizable workflow system to route changes for required approvals. Track the process of ECRs and define the effectivity as to when a change is to be implemented. Maintain all versions of documentation securely forever.

  • Drive Standard Processes for Continuous Improvement

    Maintain visibility of program progress with easy tracking and reporting on tasks, schedules, and production

    Set up and manage a list of projects and programs, including all pertinent facts and activities about each program, and track and manage multiple phases. Include suppliers, customers, or partners in programs, incorporating their activity and giving them visibility into each phase’s progress.

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