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BETA Technologies Reimagines Air Transportation

BETA Technologies Reimagines Air Transportation

With the help of Plex Manufacturing Execution Software, BETA Technologies is revolutionizing the way we think about safe, sustainable air transportation.

Meet Kathleen Murri, ERP manager for BETA Technologies, an aerospace company that’s creating a safe, reliable, and sustainable electric transportation ecosystem. That includes developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and a multimodal charging network across the U.S. that supports eVTOLs and ground electric vehicles.

Kathleen joined BETA in 2021 after spending most of her career in automotive manufacturing. As a previous Plex user, she later became an ERP and Plex consultant. That’s how she met BETA, and as its ERP manager, she’s responsible for implementation of Plex solutions.

Even in Development Phases, Data Is Key

“We’re in a unique situation because we’re working towards our FAA certification and we need to prove we can handle production and traceability,” Kathleen explains.

As such, BETA has focused on collecting data for its more mature manufacturing processes, including motor and battery pack production.

“Batteries are one of the most important processes,” Kathleen says. “Even though we’re still in development phases, it's very important to capture the traceability and know what parts are going into the product, who they came from, and collect some quality data around those parts.”

Leveraging Capabilities for Fully Integrated Manufacturing

BETA’s end goal is a fully integrated manufacturing plant with digital work instructions for operators.

“We plan to use all of Plex’s capabilities, and it’s been exciting to see what Rockwell Automation will be able to offer with some of its other products,” Kathleen says.

So far, BETA has integrated Plex with its CAD software, including designs and new parts, and automated the process, providing workflow visibility to all appropriate departments.

“Purchasing can set up everything they need. Manufacturing is aware of a new design. Quality can set up all their part specs and control plans,” she explains. “We are excited for the continuous improvement.”

BETA is also using Plex’s MES Automation and Orchestration module.

“We’re integrating that with our torque drivers and battery pack testing equipment, which will allow us to get quality data directly from the tools and equipment,” she says. “And to make sure there’s no operator error in that data because that is very important to us.”