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Nucleus Research: Hot Companies to Watch in 2024

Discover why Nucleus Research recognized Rockwell Automation as one of the 10 most exciting companies of the year.

When you look for an example to follow or a partner to help your operations, who do you turn to? At its heart, that’s what this Nucleus Research report answers. These are the companies exhibiting strong market performance, delivering innovate products, and providing unparalleled value for their clients. Best yet, this unbiased selection comes from a trusted third-party analyst with an objective view designed to give you the best insights possible.

On page 7 of this report, you’ll discover the reasons Rockwell Automation stood out among the best, including:

  • Ability to enable Industry 4.0 modernization initiatives such as IoT sensors and smart robots
  • Improved supply chain management capabilities and smart manufacturing principles
  • Comprehensive industrial hardware, shopfloor automation, and software offerings

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