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Plex Accounting and Finance

Focus on Analysis, Not Data Entry

When your accounting information is maintained in a separate system, it means you’re forced to re-enter information such as shipping and receiving elsewhere. This time-consuming process introduces risk in the form of manual errors while distracting your workforce from focusing on more impactful activities.

Manufacturers deserve a better way – one that speeds up processes like invoicing, provides global support for multi-currency transactions, plays well with third party applications, and much more. In this resource, you’ll discover how Plex Accounting and Finance enables you to:

  • Manage accounting and finance in real time
  • Automate accounts receivable and payable
  • Enhance customer account management
  • Conduct detailed reporting and analysis
  • Extend capabilities with seamless integration

View this resource now for a quick look at how Plex Accounting and Finance can help you streamline operations.