7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing

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Plex MES Automation and Orchestration

Take Greater Control of your Plant Floor.

Interested in continuous innovation and adding higher levels of automation to your operations? Complex processes make it difficult to keep track of all your data and make rapid decisions in the moment.

Manual collection of data can reduce efficiency and accuracy, costing you money and increasing downtime. Training plant floor employees on complex processes is time consuming and slows production. It’s impossible to scale your business and keep up with growing demand if you can’t streamline workflow, automate operations, and enforce process control.

Inside this brochure, you’ll discover how Plex MES Automation and Orchestration enhances your:

  • Real-time measurements
  • Automated workcenters
  • Scrap management
  • Traceability practices

Download the brochure now and begin to take stronger control over your operations.