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Plex Production Monitoring Demo

Plex Production Monitoring Demo

Maximize uptime and throughput to make faster, more confident decisions with Plex Production Monitoring. Drive continuous improvements using transparent, real-time operational KPIs, and gain new levels of visibility and control throughout your organization.

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What if there was a way to reach new levels of visibility and control throughout your operation to digitally track information from the plant floor to drive performance and realize more value to maximize uptime and throughput and make faster, more confident decisions?

Plex Production Monitoring provides seamless connectivity to machines on the plant floor, delivering transparent, real-time operational KPIs to drive continuous improvements.

Let’s take a closer look.

With Plex Production Monitoring, setting up master data and workflows creates a foundation for a closed-loop system that truly measures production, operational and equipment KPIs and performance without draining resources.

All you need for production monitoring is one simple connection to a machine’s cycle counter. From there, you’ll have everything you need to create user-friendly dashboards to provide immediate access to production measurements captured in real time. At-a-glance, operators can see workcenter status. They can record scrap. They can see measurements such as cycle times and OEE. And they can easily track uptime and downtime to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint problem areas immediately.

Configurable charts and graphs provide clear visuals to keep on top of production and stay in-the-know. For example, this Six Big Losses graph converts lost OEE from percents to actual product that wasn’t produced.

Say goodbye to dry erase boards and empower operators to confidently make decisions with a digital, dynamically updated whiteboard that eliminates human error and ensures the most up-to-date information is always at hand.

Turn plant floor insights into action with reporting and analytics that make it easy to view data from every angle, drill down, and gain actionable insights for continuous improvement and operational efficiency.

When you’re ready to start solving problems before they become problems achieve 20/20 vision into your plant floor and future proof your business with an advanced production monitoring solution that’s built to drive continuous improvement Plex Production Monitoring can help.

Take control and get results with Plex.