Shank's Extracts Improves Workplace Safety


Cloud ERP Keeps Workers Safe

At Shank's Extracts, plant floor workers handle a variety of raw materials, some potentially hazardous. Plex ERP keeps Shank's employees safe, as product details are placed in the system to alert employees if they're handling a hazardous material. (0:57)

Video Transcription

Being a safety manager, you're exposed to different things every single day, so that's what makes me really excited to do my job. Plex makes my life a lot easier because I do have real-time...access to real-time data such as flash-points, different physical and chemical properties for some of our raw materials, as well as finished goods which helps to allow me to create safety data sheets on times for our clients.
Shanks has a potential to be a very hazardous workplace due to the fact that several raw materials are used that are highly hazardous. Plex helps to keep us safe. It's very user-friendly. It's very easy for me to integrate pertinent safety information, rules, instructions, regulations for our employees to see immediately, as soon as they open up something in the part information screen. We basically assess every single chemical that comes into the workplace. We'll highlight the risks we need to make sure employees know before they're handling chemicals, and it's very easy for us to integrate those risks into our Plex systems.

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