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Leveraging the Cloud for Customer Data Management

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Leveraging the Cloud for Customer Data Management

Customer Data at their Fingertips

Meeting demands of your customers is important. See how Wisco Industries leverages the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to respond to their customers’ needs. (0:55)


Video Transcription

The biggest thing that I didn't have visibility of is what was going on with our customer. What was the sales like for month to month? It was very difficult to extract the data. Now, it takes me a minute and I can gather all the data on every one of our customers and understand their cyclic nature, understand what's going up and what's starting to fall, and to improve our communication with our customer. 
It's just been a very good culture change for our organization, and to remaining competitive, and we are able to relate better to our customer. The customer can come in and get information any time they need it. So in a way, it really improves our communication and as far as the sales, when you improve quality and improve those dimensions that makes you more competitive, you're successful.