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ERP System Implementation Helps Electronics Manufacturer Expand Globally

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ERP System Implementation Helps Electronics Manufacturer Expand Globally

Scale for Growth with Plex Cloud ERP

Watch how Firstronic, an electronics manufacturing services provider, implemented Plex cloud ERP in order to scale faster, and focus more on their business to deliver innovative, quality products to their customers. (2:08)


Video Transcription

We're using Plex in every facet of the business, I mean, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance. It's been a great asset to us because we have to manage a lot of infrastructure in our facility, and it's helping us expand. When we launched Mexico, it was literally a couple of months, you know, copying over our system, making some tweaks, and we were literally up and running in the new facility with a couple of terminals, you know. And so, it makes it very easy to replicate your operations. 

We're looking at the augmented reality because, like, surface mount lines, we've got, basically, a terminal at the front, in the middle, and the end of the line, and there's other stations, the same thing. We'd love to be able to equip people with something where, basically, a terminal goes with them and they can let us load parts, check status, launch a job. 

I think that's the most exciting thing that's kind of right at our fingertips. I mean, the analytics and the continuing ability to, you know, empower people to have the information they need at their fingertips is another one, but yeah, the virtual reality is one that kind of, it just takes that whole hardware issue down. I mean, it makes it more complicated, wearable hardware, but a few of them, it's just less to manage, which is part of the whole Plex experience. You can spend more time managing your business, as opposed to the infrastructure or the information system. 

More and more, these companies are looking for us to manage more and more of the product, okay, and want us to innovate, handle their manufacturing, wherever they go in the globe, mainly in automotive. So we have to compete not just from our Grand Rapids operation, but we have JV partners located throughout the globe that manufacture wherever they need the product manufactured. 

I'm excited about the opportunity, with the growth we've had, to continue it and finding new customers. With the plant we've opened in Mexico has opened more doors in other industries.