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How Plex Improves Accuracy for A&K Finishing

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How Plex Improves Accuracy for A&K Finishing

More Accurate Measurements

A&K Finishing accurately measures paint depletion with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:57)


Video Transcription

Matthew: Paint depletion was an interesting challenge that was presented to us. Depletion for most people is maybe a nut and a bolt and a part. Using liquid coating, that measurement's not the exact same on every single part, and we knew that was gonna be a challenge but it was extremely important for us in tracking our costs that we knew exactly how much paint was going into every part. 
Paint depletion was managed by just physically measuring every single canister that was ran. All of that was somebody's perception of how much paint was missing based on what a ruler told them by sticking it in a can. Paint depletion is measured in Plex with every single basically came up with a formula that's specific to every single part. Plex automatically depletes that coating in real time as it's run. Plex gives you the opportunity at the end of the run to reconcile those two numbers. It's incredibly more accurate than it was the way we were doing it.