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A&K Delivers Superior Quality with Plex

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A&K Delivers Superior Quality with Plex

Better Quality Equals Happy Customers

A&K Finishing exceeds customer quality expectations with lower scrap rates, driving continuous improvement, and using real-time information from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:53)


Video Transcription

Matthew: Quality's important to A&K because that's what the customer wants. It's important to us because that's what makes our customers happy and that's what keeps our customers coming back to us because it's what we take pride in the products that we provide. 
Scott: Before Plex, we ran quality at A&K by a paper-based system. It was very archaic. 
Matthew: Quality was measured prior to Plex with how many complaints we would get from a customer. 
Scott: To hold the quality of the customers' expectations on a paper-based system takes hours of managing papers and documentation. Plex has improved quality by lowering our internal scrap rates, drive continuous improvement throughout the system, and give real-time information to our operators, 
Matthew: Quality is measured now in the success of our organization. That's what we measure quality in now, is our success.