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Exciting Announcement

Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation to Acquire Plex Systems


Shank's Extracts Improves Quality with ERP


Food Safety and Quality Are Managed in the Cloud

Food safety, people safety and quality are the backbone of any manufacturing company. See how Shank's Extracts leverages Plex ERP to adhere to SQF Audits and quality standards to deliver for its customers. (0:52)


Video Transcription

Cherie: I'm passionate about quality. Quality, it's, you know, seen as very dry and, you know, rules and regulations, but it's really exciting. My job is to basically manage the overall food safety and quality. Food safety and quality, and people safety are the backbone of any manufacturing facility.
Chuck: Each product that we create at Shanks, we have our own Plex check sheet for it, and we can enter analytical data into that check sheet, and then we can go and view check sheet history to review that data and make sure that everything is correct.
Cherie: SQF audits right now, have become really, really simple and straightforward with the ease of pulling up documentation. So when you have an auditor come in and they want to see 12 records a month for 4 months outta the year that they randomly give you records, you have everything readily available through the check sheet history. I love it. Plex helps me do my job every day.


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