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G&W: Cloud Technology Provides Manufactures Real-time Access Anytime, Anywhere

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Easy Access to Data with Cloud ERP Technology

Before Plex, the G&W team often had to return to the office when problems arose. Now with the cloud, they can manage the shop floor from anywhere. (1:17)


Video Transcription

In years prior to having Plex, you would literally have to be on call for projects. So, if there were issues in the evening, second shift, you would have to come in and work on fixing those issues with the employee. Now, you can be contacted, either by phone, text, and go into Plex through either tablets, cell phones, laptops, and correct the issues, help work with the employee to overcome it, and you don't have to actually leave the house. And being able to access that information from remote locations, on the road, when you're face-to-face with a customer, is priceless.
My daughter plays water polo and she also swims, and I have actually accessed Plex to make corrections on things at her swim meets. Plex has helped us compete because the access to the information, the quality that's built into the system, our customers see this and it not only impresses them but it gives them the feeling like, "This is the kind of supplier that we need." And so, it automatically makes them want to work with us.