How Plex Impacts Business Processes for A&K Finishing


Data Entry is Virtually Eliminated

Prior to Plex, A&K Finishing experienced siloed divisions and hours of calculating data. Now, the company achieves improved processes and continuous innovation with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:58)

Video Transcription

Scott: A&K Finishing is an interior automotive parts supplier. We paint interior car parts for OEMs. 
Prior to Plex, we spent the majority of our time doing data entry. Each manager had its own little siloed division and they created the information and they have to share that with other department heads and they had to transpose that information into their information, spend hours and hours calculating data or going through...combing through data, trying to find information. Eighty percent of the day was spent trying to find data or entering data. Data entry since Plex was changed. Basically, it's virtually eliminated.
Matthew: I'm basically freed up to be able to manage my department, as opposed to being in a corner somewhere, just rifling through information. That's really what we should be doing as managers – driving continuous improvement, understanding our operation. That's a big part of why we have Plex, why we went after Plex, just to make us better.  

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