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G&W: Cloud ERP Solution for Improving Inventory Management

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G&W: Cloud ERP Solution for Improving Inventory Management

Eliminate Inventory Discrepancies with Plex ERP

With Plex, G&W Products improved inventory on-hand across the board, decreasing the time products were on the shelves and improving profitability. (1:02)


Video Transcription

Plex really opened our eyes to a lot of different problems with our inventory. The two biggest issues we had were visibility and control. We ran everything off of a paper spreadsheet, which can cause a lot of discrepancies between what's on the floor and what you receive in the office. So, what Plex has allowed us to do is see that on a real-time basis, and we really are able to change our inventory that way.
The visibility that it's allowed us to have has enabled us to decrease our inventory almost by 25% overall. We are able to see what's been in the building the longest, and it allows us to focus on those areas, and to minimize those, and to get that material run through the building so we're not holding inventory for 60, 90, 120 days at a time.
You know, the largest, single biggest issue that we found was in our raw sheet inventory, where we had almost 3,500 sheets on a regular basis, and now we are somewhere around 700. So, it's really allowed us to, you know, bring ourselves down to a level that makes us a bit more profitable.