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Dominion Liquid Improves Inventory Control

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Dominion Liquid Improves Inventory Control

Real-Time ERP with Inventory Management and Traceability

Dominion Liquid Technologies, a leading liquid goods manufacturer, shares their ERP selection process and how the integrated ERP system from Plex improved their traceability, quality, and inventory control capabilities. (2:45)


Video Transcription

Charlie: Dominion was formed in July 2009. We make coffee syrups, we make pancake syrups, cocktail mixes, energy drinks and the list goes on. So here we are 5 years later and come quite a long way.
Alex: We were just growing I think a little bit too quickly to be able to manage it the way that we were, and everything was done on paper, and everything was kept as a paper record and we wanted to move away from that.
Charlie: We were looking for a system that we could grow with, and our previous software was inferior. We worked with Revolution Group who's partnering with us on this implementation and identified what we thought were the top eight food and beverage software in the United States. Ultimately we narrowed it down to two, Plex and another food and beverage software. I then went to the annual convention of each of those. When I saw the level of commitment at PowerPlex that's ultimately what made me make the decision.
Pat: Our first step was to start to educate and teach the customer on the Dominion Liquid team what level of expectation they should have of any software vendor coming in. We landed on Plex as the application of choice. Really in the market today, the only application that truly has serialization and traceability embedded in the application.
Charlie: Immediately after we implemented our errors went down, our inventory accuracy went up, there're efficiency to be gained right out of the gate.
Alex: Before you kind of had to go out and find a flavor, a roll, a bottle, a box. Now it tells them the exact location they could go to, where is that, how much is actually in that location, and that has been a real help for our cooks which is less time batching and less time for the production.
Daren: We have a quality assurance staff. There's a lot of ways that the department uses Plex. We do all of our online checks, online clearances, [00:02:02] in Plex. We used to utilize paper, we're now paperless and the benefit to me, one of the many benefits for Plex is that if there's something out of specification, rather I'm here or out of the plan, I get a notification via text or e-mail. It enables us to really monitor the process from front to back.
Charlie: Our goal is to make Dominion liquid technologies a relevant food company. Of course that's gonna take growth. We've been fortunate enough over the past couple of years to be recognized in Cincinnati as one of the fastest growing companies in this city and it's to continue that path. It's growth and profitability and ultimately I wanna create opportunities for the people inside the plan.