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Moving Inventory Management to the Plex Cloud is a Win for Wisco Industries


Inventory Reduction

Since going live with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud in 2015, Wisco Industries has realized a 20% overall reduction in inventory. Spending less on inventory means they can spend more elsewhere. (0:50)


Video Transcription

Mike: I think, with all the different things we do with Plex, the biggest impact is inventory control. We've been able to reduce our inventory, which has helped our cash flow.
Jamie: The old system that we had for Wisco Industries, we took three months of preparation time to be able to prepare for our inventory period. It has saved us an enormous amount of time. We no longer have to do inventory with Plex because we are real-time inventory. We can do cycle counts out on the floor. We know exactly where every single piece of material, right down to our tooling, is located at out on our floor. And, you're able to go out and see right where something's at, and know exactly how many pieces are in that particular container.
Mike: I think people, within a few days, saw what Plex could do for their own department, and that got everybody excited.