Shank's Extracts Improves Inventory Control with Cloud ERP


ERP for Inventory Traceability

Barcode scanners and Plex ERP enables private label manufacturer Shank's Extracts to get orders processed and out the door on time for their customers. (0:54)

Video Transcription

Sallie: We knew we had a lot of inventory. What we didn't know is where it was and how much we had. 
Pete: In a facility this size, though it's still 70,000 square feet and it's very easy to misplace things. Obviously, there's a chance to co-mingle product and you can lose it very quickly, so accuracy of locations is key.
Sallie: We didn't have confidence in our inventory, and so it was a waste of time, it was a lot of inefficiencies.
Pete: Now with Plex, it has allowed us to keep our location integrity a lot higher, and location accuracy, as well, using bar code scanners and the Plex ERP system. And honestly, it helps getting orders processed and out the door. Every day we leave here, the work is completely done. We've never left here in seven years when we went home and didn't have work done, and Plex has helped greatly with that.

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