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Wisco Industries Makes Lean Process Improvements

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Wisco Industries Makes Lean Process Improvements

Eliminating Redundant Steps

With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, Wisco Industries can be certain that the data they’re gathering on the shop floor is accurate. No more multiple steps to verify or multiple systems to use. (0:59)


Video Transcription

Bob: Before Plex, shop floor workers would record their labor by going to 13 different data collection computers that we had on the shop floor. They would report how many pieces they made and they would clock in and out of jobs on these. However, the problem with them was there was no verification of the data that was going in. You could scan a pop can and nothing would go wrong because there was no confirmation of the information.
Bruce: Everyone had their own data system and nothing was linked. And then as soon as we started to develop Plex and bring on Plex, we centralized all the data and it's really helped us to improve on our competitiveness, making sure that we meet delivery, we meet cost expectations. And what we've found is we've improved our quality immensely and we meet our quality expectations.