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How Argent Leverages Manufacturing Data

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How Argent Leverages Manufacturing Data

Access for Everyone

By serving up real-time data to anybody who needs it, Plex enables Argent to run a lean operation. Since everyone has access to the data, employees can make faster and smarter decisions. (0:59)


Video Transcription

Lynn: We were using a system that was really on the fringe, and I wanted a system that would truly take us to that next level.
Pat: Before we had Plex, in estimating we used to collect it, put it in an envelope and then throw it in a drawer.
Bekah: We used a system that was not very user-friendly, and on top of it, it didn't house everything so we had many spreadsheets and Access databases.
Pat: Now we attach everything in Plex so it's there at a moment's notice, and whoever has permissions to see it, can see it. It's there and it's quickly viewed by everybody. We leverage the data that Plex gives us to be more collaborative, and we're all using a common data point.
Lynn: We use that to do our business plans, to track our inventory, to know how much downtime there is, to know where employees stand, and more importantly because we're open book, get our employees engaged in understanding why these numbers are important.