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G&W: Plex ERP System Provides ‘Total Package’ to Manufacturers

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G&W: Plex ERP System Provides ‘Total Package’ to Manufacturers

Plex ERP Manages All Aspects of Business

From production control, to quality management, human resources and customer service, G&W Products leverages Plex ERP as its complete solution. (1:36)


Video Transcription

Ty: Plex is a complete solution because it encompasses every aspect of our company, from production control to quality, to accounting, to customer service. I worked at a company where, to get workers on the floor, you had to print off the work orders. You're talking about using thousands of sheets of paper just to get one job completed, whereas here, I mean, you create a job in Plex, and it automatically goes out to all the terminals on the floor and everybody sees it.
Jeff: It literally is a cradle-to-grave mentality. It takes you from the moment that you do your request for quote, through the engineering process. It covers HR. It covers operations, accounting. It literally covers the entire gambit of what, you know, a manufacturer needs, and it's the total package.
Ty: I think it's important because it allows all departments of the business to interact with each other. We had an issue arise where there was a defect in some of the material we were welding on, and we caught it. And we were able to quarantine all that material, and we were able to use the traceability tree and the advanced trace functions in Plex to set aside and quarantine all this material and make sure none of it escaped to the customer. And we can say with 100% certainty that zero defective material escaped to our customer.
I can't think of an instance in our business where we needed to do something that couldn't be accomplished through Plex. It really, truly is a complete business solution for our company.