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Argent Sets Big Goals for Growth with The Plex Manufacturing Cloud


Moving Forward in the Cloud

Discover how The Plex Manufacturing Cloud supports Argent's growth strategy. (0:39)


Video Transcription

I put open-book management in place because I wanted my employees to know exactly what was going on. Argent Tape and Label has a goal, and it's 10 by 20, so it's 10 million by 2020. We've hit our goal for 2017, we'll hit our goal for 2018, and I believe by the time we hit 2020 it's going to be 10 by 20. Every employee knows the deal and they're all behind you, and that's what Plex has allowed us to do. It has allowed us to get all of our employees engaged, informed, and marching towards our goal of 10 by 20.