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Wisco Industries Improves Accessibility and Efficiency


Managing Quality and Accounting in One Reliable System

Prior to Plex, Wisco managed quality, accounting, and production in separate systems. Now, they manage it all in the cloud for improved accessibility and efficiency. (1:00)


Video Transcription

Mike: Our old system was fine for accounting. It had no quality control. It had no engineering quoting ability. It really wasn't a production package and that's what we really wanted to do with Plex. We wanted a production package, not just an accounting package.
John: Quality has changed quite a bit in the aspect that now we have the ability to do it all within Plex, including check sheets and SPC. Our SPC, they would go to a different computer in a different location to have to record data. Where now, it's right at the control panel. It tells them when they have to do it. It tells us if they're not doing it, and because it's all encompassing, it's made a tremendous difference.
Man: This single biggest improvement in moving to the Cloud is reliability. We weren't quite sure, this being our first taste of Cloud-based software, how it would react. We've been very happy with the Cloud. We've been very happy with Plex.