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Exciting Announcement

Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation to Acquire Plex Systems


Why Shank's Extracts Chose Plex Cloud ERP


Cloud ERP Provides Real-time Access to Data

Moving its ERP system to the cloud enabled food and beverage manufacturer, Shank's Extracts, to gain access to real-time data for real-time decision making. (0:59)


Video Transcription

Jeff: Every time I do an upgrade on my software, I have to get a new hardware system. I'm tired of doing an upgrade of my software. We were looking for something that could expand and be a little faster for us. So the concept of doing production on a SaaS system like Plex was very, very appealing to me. Plex is a system that we have found let's us put just about everything we know about a customer, just about everything we know about our own production, everything that we know about the products and the packaging into the system, in a form that we can keep track of it.
Jennifer: Prior to Plex, we had an ERP system that wasn't real time. We would do transactions and the information wasn't being entered into the system until a day later, maybe sometimes two days later. With Plex, it's real time. Everybody can see everything that's happening at the time it's happening. Whether you're on the floor or you're in another building completely, you just log into Plex and look up that information. Now we know it's accurate.


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