How Cloud ERP Turns IIoT into a Critical Success Strategy for Manufacturing

White Paper

Data that lives in disconnected manufacturing siloes make it tough to analyze insights that can be used in everyday business. The industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is a network of always-connected “things” and systems that produce data and increase business connectivity to drive efficiency. 

See how cloud ERP enables IIoT by:

  • Laying the foundation for automation, efficiency, and collaboration.
  • Fostering a data-driven approach to running your business.
  • Connecting and sharing important value-added insights across your business.
  • Making it easy to integrate new devices and machines into your systems.
“As the pace and complexity of manufacturing increases, the ability to make more informed decisions about the supply chain and how customer demand affects overall production will not simply be an imperative—it will be how manufacturers operate to sustain a viable business.” "HOW CLOUD ERP TURNS IIoT INTO A CRITICAL SUCCESS STRATEGY FOR MANUFACTURING" WHITE PAPER

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