Education Services

Knowledgeable users are successful users.

At a Glance

Expert training from experienced manufacturing professionals

Signature Plex 4 Day Boot Camp

Choice of instructor led, self-paced, and interactive training formats

Unlimited online virtual training via the new All Access Pass

Active and engaging Plex User Community

PowerPlex conference workshops and networking opportunities

Rapid Time to Success

Plex Education Services offers a wide range of training opportunities to fit your business needs and employee preferences. From traditional live classroom training and on-site sessions to interactive virtual classes and short video lessons, we offer education opportunities to get you productive with Plex with minimal disruption to your business.  Whether thru immersive, in-person boot camps or virtual training on specific topics, Plex Education Services provides you with the knowledge and information needed to rapidly generate real business value and results from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Focus on You

Whether it’s Boot Camp training when you first implement the Plex Manufacturing Cloud or continuing education to extend your use of the system and multiply the benefits, Plex Education Services offers an array of training opportunities designed to meet your specific needs. 

  • Instructor-Led Classes: public and private options available
  • An ever-expanding list of short video lessons to address pressing hot topics quickly
  • Boot Camps - intense, interactive and immersive classroom learning
  • All Access Pass allows your Plex users to engage and improve business processes quickly

All Access Pass Video Tour

Tour the Plex Education Portal or PEP to see the multitude of learning assets available exclusively through the All Access Pass.

Learn More - All Access Pass

Commitment to Increasing Value

System training and education should not be considered a one-time implementation task. Learning does not stop when your Plex Manufacturing Cloud turns on.  There are always new things to learn and do that increase the value of Plex! The Plex Manufacturing Cloud, Education Services is your key to:

  • Exploring the valuable innovations and features Plex delivers every day
  • Contemplating new approaches and configurations
  • Discussing and learning best practices in the classroom and using our online learning portal
  • Implementing new modules
  • Expanding usage on existing modules
  • Hundreds of other ways to increase the value of Plex

As your business grows, increase the value of your current and new people to ensure your current and future success. Plex provides an ever-increasing catalog of courses to suit your needs.

“I would recommend that anyone needing to learn Plex take the time to attend Boot Camp.” Celine Frizzle, Software Systems Manager, PTM Corporation

Additional Opportunities

When planning for your employees’ education and training, the Plex Community provides additional support to make users more effective in their jobs. Users from around the globe discuss their concerns,   share solutions and learn about best practices from their peers. The annual PowerPlex user conference is also a great networking opportunity in addition to the schedule of training and information sessions offered during the conference.