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About Plex

Plex is the Manufacturing Cloud — connecting suppliers, materials, machines and people to help you innovate, improve productivity, and achieve new levels of quality and efficiency.

Why Choose Plex

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers robust ERP manufacturing software solutions developed by manufacturing experts obsessed with continuous innovation and customer success. Plex connects every manufacturing operation in the cloud to give you complete visibility and control over the entire manufacturing process. Watch the Why Plex video to learn more about cloud based manufacturing with ERP from Plex. (3 mins)

Plex History

Plex was born on the shop floor of a factory making axles, pinion gears and drive shafts. Our founders are the workers who kept the presses running and made sure parts matched customer specs. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud now connects every manufacturing operation in the cloud for maximum efficiency, productivity and visibility, while supporting continuous innovation.

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Our Leadership


Bill Berutti


"I am excited to work with modern manufacturers around the world and help them connect their businesses to the cloud and fully take advantage of the opportunities created by Industry 4.0."


Don Clarke


“Customers don’t buy Plex, they subscribe. That means every day our team is striving to achieve customer satisfaction. Our growth and success are built on a foundation of customer retention and renewal, and that motivates every move we make.”


Jerry Foster


"We built Plex walking between the shop floor and the boardroom, figuring out what we needed to track, measure and automate, then updating the software and iterating again. This model of continuous innovation still serves as the foundation of Plex solutions today."


Careers at Plex

At Plex, you’re what’s next. We’re seeking highly skilled passionate people who want to transform ERP with cloud technology solutions.


Plex Systems Recognizes Manufacturing Leaders with Annual Impact Awards

Plex Impact award winners represent the future of manufacturing. Learn more about the 2019 winners.

Plex Systems Recognizes Leading Partners with Annual Impact Awards

Plex Impact Awards recognize the commitment our partners demonstrate to apply and extend the Plex Ma...

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Cloud Manufacturing Software: Understanding SaaS Solution Availability

When choosing a new system in the cloud, manufacturers should understand what availability is, why i...

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Office Locations


Corporate Office

900 Tower Dr.
Suite 1500
Troy, MI, 48098


Southern California

18881 Von Karman
Suite 780
Irvine, CA, 92612


Northern California

4305 Hacienda Dr.
Suite 500
Pleasanton, CA, 94588 



11951 Freedom Drive
Suite 300
Reston, VA, 20190





Visionary Building  
Plynární 10   
170 00
Prague 7
Czech Republic



What can you do with Plex?

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