Plex Impact Awards: Recognizing Innovation, Leadership and Transformation in Manufacturing

Press Release

Inteva Products, Ralco Industries, Green Flash Brewing, and Canvas Watch Honored for Achievements at PowerPlex 2014

TROY, MICH., June 18, 2014 – Plex, the leader in cloud-based ERP for the manufacturing enterprise, last week recognized manufacturing organizations for industry leadership, transformation, innovation and spearheading manufacturing’s future. Inteva Products, Ralco Industries Inc., Green Flash Brewing Co. and Canvas Watch Co. are the first-ever recipients of the Plex Impact award.

The awards ceremony highlighted PowerPlex 2014, where more than 900 attendees across a broad range of manufacturing industries, including food and beverage, aerospace, defense and automotive, gathered to share expertise and discuss best practices at the intersection of manufacturing and cloud computing.

Plex Impact Awards: 2014

  • Inteva Products has transformed its organization by deploying cloud solutions across more than two-dozen manufacturing facilities, including seven new go-lives in 2014. The company’s move from legacy ERP to cloud solutions has turned IT from a cost center into a competitive advantage, while reducing costs by 80 percent.
  • Ralco Industries Inc. leveraged the cloud for innovation. Building on its established metal stamping operation, Ralco opened an entirely new operation to deliver configure-to-order electric wheelchairs. The new products are widely available in Europe and will soon be on the market in the U.S. Ralco did it all using a single cloud-ERP solution.
  • Green Flash Brewing Co. is leading the beverage industry into the cloud. Green Flash deployed Plex to support the rapid growth of its craft brewing operations and sales, which reach 48 states across North America. The company plans to expand its use of cloud solutions to a new plant in 2014.
  • Canvas Watch an example of tomorrow’s manufacturing organization, taking a manufacturing foundation and integrating new technology and techniques to bring together suppliers, vendors and customers to design and fabricate watches in Detroit.

Comments on the news

“Our shift from on-premise ERP to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud has truly changed the way we conduct business throughout the entire company,” said Inteva Products CIO Dennis Hodges. “This transformation has led the IT organization to operate at less than 1 percent of company revenue and to be viewed as key business decision drivers within the company.”

“It is a privilege to work with manufacturing organizations like Inteva, Ralco and Green Flash, where innovation, transformation and leadership are part of their DNA,” said Jason Blessing, CEO of Plex Systems. “Plex is founded on the idea that the cloud can transform manufacturing, and that the Internet of Making Things can fuel more innovation, faster than any time in history. These organizations are pioneers both in their own industries and in moving manufacturing into the cloud.”

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