Plex's 12th Annual PowerPlex Conference Celebrates Growth And Strategic Direction

Press Release

Significant investments in collaboration resources, product enhancements, and development capacity reinforce commitment to customers and solidify Plex Systems’ position as the manufacturing cloud leader

Columbus, Ohio, June 4, 2013 — Plex Systems — provider of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, the only native cloud ERP system with manufacturing at its core — today kicked off its 12th annual user conference, PowerPlex 2013, by confirming its focus on its customers. With significant investments in customer experience resources, development capacity and product enhancements, Plex Systems underscores its commitment to customers and its position as the manufacturing cloud leader.

Cloud technology is at a tipping point, with users reporting that they have significantly better ease of implementation and are less likely to encounter upgrade difficulties than on-premise systems. Businesses, especially manufacturers, realize that they must leverage cutting-edge tools in order to innovate. Plex is helping its customers remain competitive by integrating new and robust features that address the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. Most important, Plex is continuing to partner with its customer community to help define the strategic direction of product development.

Highlights of this year’s conference include:

  • The debut of new analytics capabilities that give customers real-time visibility into the profitability of their operations.
  • The unveiling of The Plex Community, a virtual, collaborative ecosystem that turns everyone — including Plex employees, partners and customers — into contributing members and active participants who address issues, solve problems and share best practices.
  • The rollout of a robust education services program that includes classroom training focused on immersion into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud; online instruction with function-specific training; and Plex TV, which will offer courses so customers can learn at their own pace.
  • Introduction of the next generation Plex Manufacturing Cloud user interface, which features an intuitive look and feel for an optimized customer experience.

“The move from antiquated on-premise software to the cloud is driving a tremendous amount of disruption and innovation in ERP software,” said Plex Systems CEO Jason Blessing. “The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is playing a key role in this transformation. There’s an overwhelming reason that 89 percent of SaaS/cloud ERP users would recommend the solution to others: ROI.”

The conference theme, “Get Connected,” is an acknowledgement of the importance of leveraging the input and direction of the Plex community and a reminder that through sharing information and insight, the entire enterprise is stronger and more resilient.

About Plex Systems Inc. (Plex)

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud ushers in a new era of ERP with a complete system designed to power today’s modern manufacturer. Built from the plant floor up, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables forward-thinking businesses to increase throughput with existing facilities, squeeze more profits from every order, understand where they are most exposed to risk, respond to customer demand, and keep up with the speed and volume of data on today’s plant floor. No other company offers a manufacturing-first, native cloud solution as complete as Plex. Founded in 1995, Plex is headquartered in Troy, Mich., with customers around the globe.

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