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Rockwell Automation Has Acquired Plex Systems

Chris Bishop

VP of Global Services and Support, Plex Systems


About the Author

Chris Bishop served as VP of Global Services for Plex Systems from December 2011 to January 2019.

Why Customer Commitment Gets Far More Than Lip Service in the Cloud

Chris Bishop June 19, 2013

“The customer is king.” “The customer is No. 1.” Most organizations brag about their commitment to the customer — to the point where I suspect many people have become skeptical of these kinds of statements. This is especially true in business technology, where customers historically have found it hard to get the great service they were initially promised....

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Cloud ERP Implementations: One Year Later

Chris Bishop January 11, 2013

As you plan ahead for your manufacturing company in 2013, take a long, hard look at your systems. Traditional enterprise systems often take many months, or years, before they’re fully implemented – then more months and years before they make any real impact on overall business performance....

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