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Cindy Jutras

President, Mint Jutras

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About the Author

Cindy Jutras is a widely recognized expert in analyzing the impact of enterprise applications on business performance. Utilizing over 40 years of corporate experience and specific expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, customer service and business performance management, Cindy has spent the past 9 years benchmarking the performance of software solutions in the context of the business benefits of technology. In 2011 Cindy founded Mint Jutras LLC (, specializing in analyzing and communicating the business value enterprise applications bring to the enterprise.

Cloud ERP Technology Transforms IT Teams

Cindy Jutras September 6, 2016

What happens to IT staff in the move to cloud ERP? For many years now Mint Jutras has been asking survey participants in its annual Enterprise Solution Study what they find appealing about software as a service (SaaS). We give them quite an extensive list of potential benefits and allow them to select as many as they would like....

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The Appeal of Saas ERP

Cindy Jutras September 15, 2015

Attitudes towards cloud and software as a service (SaaS) have changed dramatically in recent times, particularly with respect to software that runs your business. While just a few short years ago Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) might have been considered the last bastion of resistance to SaaS, today the majority of businesses have some sort of cloud strategy that involves ERP and the shift to…

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